Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How Often Should I Have My Air Conditioner Tuned-Up? Perfeion Air Marietta GA, HVAC | Heating, Air Conditioning Marietta GA | 770-444-9142

Are you confused about how often you should have your home air conditioner tuned-up? We recently had this question asked to us on Facebook and thought we would share it. Question: Our units are 5 years old now. How often do you recommend a tune-up? Answer: Every year. There are items to check that if allowed to run out of specification, will cause your major motors, i.e. your blower fan, your condensing fan, and your compressor, will ultimately fail early and cost hundreds of dollars to replace. Cleaning the coils every year ensures that you are getting the best efficiency out of the system each cooling season. An air conditioner properly maintained can last twice as long as one that isn’t maintained. That will save you thousands of dollars due to an early replacement that could have been avoided. Over and over we get calls from people told by other companies that they need a new air conditioning unit because they have a Freon leak. In about 95% of those cases we were able to fix their leak for a fraction of the cost —while saving them many more years on their air conditioning unit. If this is the case, why are people being told they need a new unit? Several reasons. First, selling them a new unit makes them a lot more money. Second, most HVAC companies are not up to date with the new technology available to fix a Freon leak. Traditionally, when an air conditioning unit had a leak, a technician would need to do a Freon leak detection which was timely and costly just to find the leak - that doesn’t include then going in and fixing the Freon leak. Many times there could be more than one leak and was missed. We specialize in a simple and affordable leak seal treatment that does not require us to detect the leak. With our simple 3-step proven process we can seal your Freon leak in about an hour and have the air conditioning unit up and running, leak free! Perfection Air is a fully insured licensed contractor that specializes in residential and commercial installation, repair and maintenance of HVAC equipment. Commercially, our expertise includes apartment buildings, office buildings, and warehouses. Through our incomparable attention to detail, we prove a genuine concern for the safety, health, and comfort of our customers. We serve all of Atlanta and the surrounding areas, so please give us a call at 770-444-9142. We look forward to helping you with any and all of your heating and air conditioning needs HVAC Marietta GA

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